Logbook "NRDY" issue

My last jump this past weekend was Saturday and it has been stuck in the logbook portion as “NRDY” and states when I touch on it “the accumulated data is currently being analyzed, so JumpLog summary is not ready yet. Please wait 2-3 minutes.”

Trying to figure out what course I can take to get it to finish given its been a couple days, or if that particular jump is just going to be ‘lost’. Anyone else seen this before and tried a couple different things?

@pbros thanks for posting, this is certainly a little irregular, is the log showing in your device log book now? Did it sync to the Cloud?

Unfortunately not, seems to be stuck like this (attached the photos for reference).

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I’ve got the same issue, the following jumps had no problem uploading though…unfortunately it was the most interesting jump since the post lockdown, so I’d be glad if there’s an easy solution to this:)

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Hey @thehaze, thanks for posting, I will send you an email so we can look into this for you.