Logbook and Online Stats are way off

Let me set the stage here: I just received my Dekunu, I followed the activation and updates steps with no issues. The only complaint here is the setup really requires a stylus to accurately enter some of the information but that’s a small complaint to be sure. Also, I’m primarily a wingsuiter and it’s a rare day I jump without my dress on.

Yesterday I jumped my Dekunu One for the first time.During the plane ride up I compared it to other altimeters just to get that “warm and fuzzy” feel. Everything looked tops, the airplane mode is nice. We had a great flock, and the altimeter was so much easier to read and seemed to be accurate showing roughly 5k when my ditter went off. Under canopy I had no issues, the reading were on point. The rest of day was the same.

When I got home and powered it up I was pleased to see it sync and upload my log book. Stoked to see my profile updated I logged in via the website using my desktop and … what the heck?

Total actions said that out of the four jumps I made only one was at the DZ yet the map tells a different story. This is minor and likely due to a specific location assigned to the DZ or a greater range needs to be assigned.

Parachute deployment…was so far off I actually laughed at first. Even though the alti was reading 3.5k’ish when I deployed the logs ranges from as “low” as 5.6k to as “high” as 11.7k. These reading are thousands of feet off. I’m thinking its an issue with the wingsuit setting that I chose but I’m not sure.

Time in plane and under canopy are ‘fun’ things, and while their numbers seem close’ish they are somewhat suspect.

Freefall time is totally off. After four flights averaging 2 minutes each for a total of 8 minutes …my dash board has 3 minutes of freefall. I don’t track this as seriously as some do but I would like it to be some what accurate to track my “flight” times.

Thinking this could be an issue with the web app I downloaded my logbook and saw another oddity. My third jump had an exit altitude of 11,617 when I know we were at 13k+ feet. On that jump I had my ‘lowest’ deployment of 5,671 feet, again well over a 2,000 foot difference from the reading on the altimeter.

I want to reiterate, climb to altitude, in flight, and under canopy altitudes seemed spot on. How it’s recording certain key points is what seems to be off here.

Hey @Sunbaked, welcome to the Dekunu forum and thank you for taking the time to post :slight_smile: So good to hear you enjoyed jumping with the One - we promise this experience will only get better :grin:
To provide some clarity on the Dekunu Cloud, it is still in beta so a lot of the algorithms for data output, charts and graphs are still being refined.

There is a major overhaul of the Cloud planned in the near future. A lot of the focus will be toward refining the algorithms that your data is processed through once synced to the Cloud, you will begin to see some positive changes to your stats soon.

Having user input has proven extremely useful to the development of the Cloud, if you would like to you can flag actions to the development team for review/analysis. There is more info on this here

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Had a similar experience yesterday. My wingsuit flight was around 115 seconds according to my Alti2 Atlas. Dekunu had me at 33 seconds. And a wingsuit flight before, had whopping 5 minutes of flight time.


Same here. Just received mine and jumped it this weekend. Numbers were pretty close to my other altimeter. However I too was surprised to find the cloud jump data didn’t match the altimeter’s logbook. Mainly the exit and opening altitudes where way off and so was the freefall time.