Log syncing stuck in loop

The log syncing appears to be stuck in some kind of loop. I now have over 100 pages of the same jump listed in the cloud portal.

After my dekunu ran out of battery while syncing, I’m left with 6 copies of the same jump that never completed.

And the 3 other jumps that day still have yet to sync. I’ve restarted, relogged in and have clicked on everything I can think of but it still wont trigger the upload.

Hi @Joe, cloud synching issue is a known “feature” and is heavily in progress by team Dekunu. We all wait for an update. However still your case is interesting I guess, as this kind of behavior was not reported before, as far as I know.

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I had a similar thing, two days of trying to get it to sync, with good wifi and everything. Ended up with 12 copies of the same jump

@joedyson… 12 copies?..lol…I’ve got over 100 copies.

I wish there was a way we could delete them…

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Flag one and make a note for the devs, they’ll get around to sorting it out when they can


Yup, did that…patiently waiting