Log syncing problems

I know this has maybe been mentioned before, but I can’t find the thread.
3 jumps today, one I’ll have to flag when it’s synced, but It’s not uploading to my cloud,
The unit is plugged in and in my home WiFi as before, but it dose not seam to be uploading at all.

seams to be uploading now, but it is taking a very long time and looks like the link keeps dropping out, WIFI is solid connection though, just a duplication in there at the moment i need to flag up.

seams to be stuck in a loop on one jump, now got multiples of the same jump on the cloud, and its not moving on to the next one.

Hey Guys,

I also got a issue where the same jump is shown 4 times in the Dekunu Cloud.

I’m also having issues. .
3 days since last sync, 19 jumps not uploading to the cloud

I also have a few problems:

  1. I did 6 jumps yesterday. According to Dekunu: all uploaded to the cloud. On my cloud portal: only 5 of the 6 jumps are displayed.

  2. there is still 1 log from a 2 weeks ago that dekunu doens’t sync to the cloud.

  3. Yesterday I jumped at 2 different DZ’s: 5 at 1 DZ (I changed the DZ on my device) and at the end of the day 1 at another DZ (I changed the DZ on the device again to that DZ). According to my cloud: all 5 jumps at the first DZ are done at the last DZ, instead of the DZ at the beginning of the day. (The last jump, the one on the second DZ, isn’t displayed between my actions in the cloud)

Also strange is:
The logs in the logbook of the device: #24
The jumpnumber on the homescreen of the device: #22
The number of logs in my cloud: #21

Only 1 log on the logbook of my device didn’t upload to the cloud

I did 2 jumps today, only one was recorded. The last one Is missing.
After I landed I went into the logbook and then it was all black. Couldn’t get out of it so I had to reset. After that there was only one jump logged for today…

I have done some jumps in last weeks with my Dekunu, 15 to be exact but 1 seems to not be uploading to Dekunu Cloud.

And strangely enough, Dekunu Cloud has 1 Jump 4 times in my logs with same date / info.