Log data shows plane hovering for 47 seconds before jump?

I know the 3D viewer is in Beta, but this seems like an issue with the data, not the viewer:

It shows me reaching my exit point at 17:37:25, at which point the plane icon disappears. Then there is no icon or movement until 17:38:12, when it actually shows my icon in freefall. This would suggest that the airplane hovered at my exit point for 47 seconds before I jumped. My other jump today reaches the exit point at 16:51:08 and hovers for 22 seconds until 16:51:30 before showing me in freefall.

The location points seem to line up properly, suggesting no actual lag switching between modes, so maybe a clock synchronization issue? Not critical by any means (especially since this viewer is in beta), I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

Hay dude,
I have noticed there can be a hangup between the transitions from the aircraft to freefall, and also to canopy.
Like you mentioned, the cloud is still in Beta mode and this could very well be one of the algorithm issues being sorted out.
the Development team are working very hard to bring us a smoother system and this should be one of the things that’s sorted out.


Without looking at your display, I’d simply guess that it lost gps near exit time, and then picked it back up during free fall. The viewer somehow displays data to fill in the blanks during times of missing gps data.

Hope that’s the case! For me, the times shown on the altimeter log book are almost always different than the cloud version, and I find the cloud version to be much less accurate.

In deed, there are some big changes being made to the cloud algorithms by the dev team and should be rolled out soon.
I’m not too sure on the time line for this at the moment though.