Log Book Questions

Bit of a question and a request at the same time…

Is there a way to find out if the device is actually uploading or attempting to upload a particular or set of logged jumps to the cloud?
Is there a way to see if the servers are still up and accepting logs at your end?

Logs to sync 9 - 8.9mb
Biggest jump 1.8mb
Average jump 0.1Mb
System Log 22Mb
Ground Logs 13 (0.5Mb)

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A lil bit offtopic but still smth about logs…
Do u guys know when we will be able to edit jump numbers and delete double-logge (or trippled…) jumps in the cloud?

The only thing keeping me off leaving my viso on the ground is that the jump number are not current.

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@SkydiveNow Good question, I will find out and if not add it to the feature development list

@tripp9r This has been requested by users and is most definitely in the pipeline, the developers have had their hands full with the latest bout of fw testing so fingers crossed have more time to focus on some more new features now that we have rolled out v.3.7.2