Locked in update mode

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I looked and didn’t see anything.

I was jumping on the weekend had a long break before my next jump.
I turned on my hotspot to upload my last jumps. Got a message “new update” I clicked yes. Not thinking it had to be charging (my fault). When I was looking for a charger. My next jump got bumped up and was now on a 10 minute call. Tried to turn off my Dekunu… no luck, locked in the update waiting for charger screen.
Thought " no biggie it’ll reset when the plane of ascends " nope, it stayed locked the whole skydive till I plugged it in to charge after getting down. Didn’t log the jump of course.

I fell like it should reset back to skydive mode and be a altimeter first and foremost.
Just my thoughts. Thanks :blush:

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Hi @stacy.holland thanks for feeding this back, this is a possible bug and I will report that to the developers immediately. Are you able to send through a copy of your device logs when you get a chance? I will email you some instructions.

Hi @stacy.holland
I have sent you an email but will write the outcome of this here for anyone following the conversation - all of these details have been fed back to developers who created an immediate fix which is now in testing before being rolled out for public consumption. I expect the fix to be in place by this time next week.
Thanks so much for reporting this, another fine example of how user input is instrumental in the development of the One. :dekunu: