Little off on altitude?

I’ve had three cases where my dytter tells me I’m at 900ft whilst the device shows that I’m at 1100ft.
Took my other alti with me and it stated 900ish ft when my dytter beeped, My device showed 1100ft.

No bueno if you’re doing a high performance landing…

I don’t have any discrepancy between the canopy alarms on my Optima 2 and the Dekunu…but I use my eyes to spot out a high performance landing, heaps more trustworthy than technology.

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Hi @Shady we’d love to look into this further - could you please send us the jump action IDs from the Cloud to so we can look into those jumps? We’ll have a look at the data from both barometers on the device and see if there is a discrepancy there. If there is we will replace your device immediately.

I’ll see if I find the correct ones, and send it to you :smiley:

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