List of jumps & draw generator for FS/VFS training or competition

99% of my jumping is 4-way or 8-way jumping. Typically we’ll have a list of jumps for the day and when doing back to back loads its useful to write them down somewhere to help remember them on the ride to height as by the 12 load of the day they all start to blend together. I sometimes put them on my Apple watch but I don’t like jumping with it on.

MVP 1.0
Programme in a list of up to 11 jumps (a competition draw is 11 rounds) of the letters and numbers from the dive pool (A to Q and 1 to 22). This could be done on Dekunu Cloud or directly onto the device. Then they could be viewed on the ride to height or on the ground. Would be nice to be able to tick them off as they are completed.

Ver 1.1
A draw generator would be good. Typically we use an app on the phone, but if a generator was on the device it would remove the step of needing to programme them in once the draw is created.

Ver 1.2
Would be nice to link the jumps to the logbook. So if you have a list of jumps you can assign each one to a log entry so you have a list of what you’ve done.

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Thanks for this, I have forwarded it to the dev team for scoping and consideration :slight_smile:

Great, happy to provide more input or beta test. Chatting to another teammate this week and he suggested the ability to programme in notes that you could review on the ride to height would be great.

There’s 16 randoms and 22 blocks and would just need a free text field for each.

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Awesome, thank you :slight_smile: