Latest seems consistent though

Can’t wait to see the new update. Seems the device is pretty consistent now in how it behaves. I have 70 jumps on mine now and seems that the last few weekends I have been experiencing a reboot on my way to altitude. It comes back fine and the entire jump was recorded even the plane ride which I found odd. Other than that seems rates are the most obscure data. I have a sit fly yesterday and clocked 193 mph. However, Dekunu One had me at 333 mph. Also seems what is on the device itself in the log is way off compared to what actually is present in the portal. Anyway, a good alti. Also looking for when a REST API is going to be available so I can write some code against this. Thanks, Tom

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Hopefully the new fw will be ready within the next week or so, we have test jumpers going hard with it right now. All positive reports so far :muscle: