Landing Locations Not Present & Cloud Portal Gives JSON Error

Unable to save a landing location in the device or via the cloud.

Attempting to save via the cloud ( also pops up a JSON error (Dialogue Box)
ERROR IS Repeatable

CLOUD -> My DropZones -> Landing Areas (Click the hyperlink number)

Leads to;
Assuming all browsers affected.

Oops, this feature wasn’t supposed to be released to non diagnostic users yet :confused: I have updated the link so it’s not available until complete

@brent Talking of disabled sections, these are the ones I have noticed so far.

β€’ TOOLS – Horizon
β€’ TOOLS – Compass
β€’ SETTINGS – Date & Time (unable to adjust for daylight savings)
β€’ SETTINGS – DEVICE MODE – Base Jumping
β€’ DIAGNOSTICS – BlueTooth
β€’ DIAGNOSTICS – Pubsub
β€’ DIAGNOSTICS – AUDIO – No buzzer or Sounds Play (although the device says they are)

It’s a real shame that the compass is disabled as this was the main reason for the purchase, and is what a number of others over here are seriously interested in.
Is there a timeline for when this is going to be available? I saw something about it being ready but disabled for legal reasons and something about a situational awareness test - Would having an instructional rating help for access?
I can’t find the original thread for that line of comments though :frowning:

Your device will still show your current heading during plane mode, canopy mode and wingsuit mode. This is with GPS point to point calculations. The feature we put on hold was the arrow back to the landing area under canopy. We are aware of all disabled features on the device. The magnetic compass is due for completion on the short term development list.