Kind of over it at this point

I overlooked the fact that I can’t get phone calls to connect as well as the fact that Siri never answers me. I’ve been patient when errors happen more than once, data is wrong, and jump log is incorrect. I’ve been unable to fully trust the device, but was willing to try and hang in there in hopes that it would get better. But when THE ONE THING IT HAS TO DO is a failure, I draw the line. Got in the plane, and it didn’t seem to respond to take off like it normally does, (seemed slow to go into flight mode but did, so wrote it off as my perception) and then upon exit I was presented the SAFETY OVERIDE/CRITICAL FAIL/SD ERROR.

This is not worth it.

For the sake of clarity - after exit the screen went black, but showed the SAFETY OVERIDE once I was down.

Hey @wjr, hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you have run into this issue. Please send through an email to and we can get this resolved for you asap. Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Mike, I will write an email shortly. I think I have resolved the SD card issue by replacing the OEM 4mb card with a Sandisk 32mb one ( all I had laying about ) and gleaning clues from other users’ posts about the cards failing. However, my inability to trust the unit has been cemented at this point and I have zero interest in using it any further unless you can somehow guarantee that it will never do this again.


Hey @wjr, thanks for confirming. I have just sent through an email, please check your inbox :slight_smile:

Mike, Thanks. Replied. It won’t go past enabling the USB mount and freezes. Tried numerous PC/laptops. No love on any of them.

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The mounting issue was completely my fault. Turns out that I have two very similar cables. Only one has the Dekunu logo on it. Device mounts properly when using the Dekunu cable. What can I check to prevent the blackout from happening again? Thanks.

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