Just received my dekunu and stuck on `Updating firmware`


Just received my dekunu and stuck on Updating firmware in Dekunu One activation process.

The dekunu display:

  • Connected to wifi
  • Downloading dekunufw_v11_3.unu 0%
  • Failed to download dekunufw_v11_3.unu (in red)

And… that’s it :frowning:

Any solution ?
Thanks in advance

From what you’ve pasted, it looks like it might be trying to grab an incomplete filename for the FW, can you shoot us an email at support@dekunu.tech and we’ll sort you out :slight_smile:

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For anyone else that experiences this issue, the problem was that the server was down while trying to update the firmware. Usually if you wait 20-30 mins and try again the update should be successful. Failing that, shoot an email to support@dekunu.tech.

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