Jumps shows not synced

The device shows two jumps, my last two jump not synced. They are showing in the cloud. This happened prior to the update. I installed the update and it still shows the same. I attempted to do a manual sync but it just sits there at “checking status jump log…” it states no logs to sync.

@Sparkspnt - The device is simply not showing that the synced logs are complete (with a tick) if the logs are showing in the Cloud and you do not have the little red icon at the top of your device screen showing there are logs waiting to sync then nothing will happen if you try to manually sync. This is because all of the logs, once synced to the Cloud are then stored in a different folder. If you mean they did not sync properly then I can grab a copy of the logs and check it out for you if you like?

As long as they are in the cloud will work. It would just be nice to see that they both are talking correctly and show a green tick. I have my first jump on the one that is the same way but it never synced it just sits on the one.


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