Jump numbers incorrect & continue to revert after being corrected

About 10 jumps back, I had a plane ride accidentally get counted a jump after forgetting to turn my Dekunu One off. Simple enough to hide the jump and adjust the number of the following jump. The problem is that my jumps/actions continue to keep adjusting BACK to the original numbers, throwing things off and adding confusion.


Are they not supposed to remain as adjusted, moving forward? Or, should they indeed retain the adjustment and agree with my log book? I wish it were possible to simply ACTUALLY delete the erroneous “jump” so that this would stop happening.

This is still occurring. Is there ANY way to fix this once and for all?


@wjr Did you change the next jump number on your device? The device is where the jump counter comes from so if you have not done so please change that. If you have done so please upload your system logs and email support@dekunu.tech to let us know the upload is complete and we will investigate for you, also let us know if the jump counter is correctly counting in the email. Thanks