Jump lost but still counted

Today I’ve done several jump and I didn’t really check my log book.

When I finally looked at it I noticed that one jump was completely skipped:


Can this be fixed?

Hey =)
I had the same Problem. You could solve it easy.
Switch to USB-Mode and search for the logs.
you will find your jump in the “synced” folder and also in the “summary” folder.
In my case it has in the Summary-File the Jump-ID “0” which could not be uploaded.
I deleted the number. Also i deleted the value on “sync-date” and set “synced” to “false”.
then you have to move the jump file from synced to “completed” =)
restart the dekunu and it will be detected as new jump and will be uploaded.


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Thanks, I’ll have a look if this fix works for me :slight_smile:

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