Jump log syncing and accidental logging

I’ve made two jumps with the One so far and the device currently has 5 jumps logged which are all flagged as “Log not synced”. In the cloud portal I can see 4 of the logs but not the 5th. Judging by the GPX tracks, the two erroneous logs that I can see in the cloud portal appear to have been logged while I was driving.

Log 1: 8/4/18, 1:53pm (actual:09:53am), #790, device:“Log not synced”, In cloud?:yes, while driving to the DZ
Log 2: 8/4/18, 4:55pm (actual:12:55pm), #791, device:“Log not synced”, In cloud?:yes, jump #1
Log 3: 8/4/18, 6:16pm (actual:02:16pm), #792, device:“Log not synced”, In cloud?:yes, jump #2
Log 4: 8/4/18, 8:34pm (actual:04:34am), #793, device:“Log not synced”, In cloud?:yes, while driving home from the DZ
Log 5: 8/4/18, 3:33am (actual:??:???m), #794, device:“Log not synced”, In cloud?:no, ??? It was sitting on my couch for several hours…

I saw that the firmware 3.3.2 was just posted. I’ll update and uhh, update I guess.

Edit: Before jumping the device I edited the current jump number to be 789, so the jumps were logged in the order of Log 1, 2, 3, …

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@lamealex4 Thanks, hopefully this update has fixed this issue! :crossed_fingers:

Successfully updated to FW 3.3.2.

There are too many changes to the jump log data to list individually. If it’s helpful to you guys I can attach the jump log summary .jsons and/or .csvs from before the update and after the update since they more accurately show the changes to the data. Summarizing the changes, the times seem to have adjusted to the local time correctly accounting for daylight savings time, but some data was deleted and some was jumbled between different logs.

Edit: after comparing the jump log .jsons and .csvs the data is identical so nothing was lost, it’s just not displaying on the device in a coherent manner.

@lamealex4 It may be helpful, could you email it to support@dekunu.tech please? Thanks