Jump log data shown in Cloud Portal

I see several issues in the dashboard with some strange data being displayed, jumps with some crazy details, jumps with no details at all, … etc …

According to this entry I had a very short freefall and high opening. But in reality it was nothing to send in as “Friday Freakout video”, because the data are simply not correct:

Interesting here as well: The exit height is different, although it is the same jump.

And although I like to drive fast by car (for genetic reasons, I am Italian … :smiley: ), these data are most likely not correct as well:

Question: Do you need more details from us about all these little things (there are many to see, at least in my dashboard), or are you anyhow already aware oaf many of these topics and working on some fixes we first should wait for?

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So, that’s Mach 299.36 horizontal speed. Or 0.00034 light speed. Impressive.


Yeah, Mach looks good, but light speed sounds poor … Have to improve …

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Do you have a video?
I think there are contrails in the air…

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