Jump data synced but "not valid" in portal

I was limited to one jump due to weather, but it appears something may have messed up while syncing. The log shows it synced, and I can see data on the device itself. However, the portal is showing an invalid action date and displaying “data for selected actions not found” on the 3d view. Looking further, it actually has no data in the cloud at all associated with this jump (action #54807). I made sure firmware and everything was up to date last night.

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@clcaruthers could you please mark the action for review and send through a copy of your jumplogs please? Here are some instructions:

  • Put your device into USB mode - Menu > Settings > Page 2 > USB Mode
  • Connect the device to a computer using the USB cable - it should appear in your removable disks
  • Create a folder on your desktop labelled with your name
  • Copy the entire contents of the device to the folder
  • Right click on the folder on your desktop and compress (zip)
  • Send an email to support@dekunu.tech and attach the .zip copy of the folder
  • Safely eject your device

Once received we will look into this for you :slight_smile: