Jump Count not updating on main page

Even after the device logged in 4 jumps today, the jump counter on the main page between remains at the number one.

@Smallz Thanks for getting involved on the forum, do you mean the jump log on the cloud did not update? Or it is showing incorrectly on your device?

Hi Tracy

Thanks for the quick response, happy to help out! all 5 of my jumps from yesterday were logged, but the home screen continues to show the number as 1 only. I think it may be a device issue.

But during the jump day it counted properly? Did you observe that suddenly after uploading the jumps to the claim? Or did it not even count when being offline without Synchronisation to the cloud?

only counted properly in the profile section total number of jumps but on the main home screen I’m still seeing #1

Did you upload somewhere in between to the cloud?

No didn’t do a manual upload at any point.

Hey @Smallz I can see 5 jumps for you, we are planning a fw update for logs though, I am sure it will include a fix for this. The data is definitely stored to your Cloud though

Hello, I have done 12 jumps on my unit in the last two days.
My unit home screen shows 1 jump. When I go to the log book in shows all 12 jumps.

I’m having a whole list of problems (bugs)…but I will try to address them on different threads.

Thanks for your time

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Hey @stacy.holland thanks for the feedback, I believe a fix for this will be rolled out soon :smile: