#JuicyData not so juicy

The graph below the map is inaccurate.
It shows altitude, horizontal speed and vertical speed, but the data is way off.

For instance: it starts with my altitude staying the same around 3600ft, even though the graph shows my vertical speed rising. I can’t stay around the same altitude with such vertical speed.

And in the end, my altitude is 0, while still having vertical speed for quite some time. This is nonsense. And it makes me question the graph and all the data it presents.

This is probably just a presentation issue (while having the correct data underneath), but it is totally unusable for analysis of your so-called ‘#juicydata’ which you proudly promote your product with.


Seems that the data points just don’t match up. For me, the altitude and horizontal speed match with one another. I can see the flare matching the altitude, but those don’t meet up properly with the ground location & vertical speed.

They made an attempt to fix it a bit ago, so I’m waiting for their second round.

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What did you use to write overtop your image? It’s nicely done.

For transparency I am just going to drop a couple of points here that @PeterMuusers and I have been discussing via email -

The graphs and maps are currently in beta, we are aware of the processing discrepancies and know what is causing them, we are dedicating our development team to resolving them in the current sprint. Thanks to the collection of so much data and user feedback I am confident that you will notice a positive difference by the end of this month.

Thanks again for continuing to mark actions for review, the dev team have a lot to work with :slight_smile:

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Let’s hope so… :slight_smile:

And the annotations are simply made by using the markup-tool in Apple’s ‘Preview’ app. You can do it with any image or screenshot. Quite handy :wink:

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Hi Tracy, any update on this?

We are knee deep in all things data here at the moment, once we have finished working on the discrepancies the fix will be tested and rolled out, fingers crossed that will be soon :slight_smile: Thanks for checking in!

Hi Tracy, any update on this?

Tracy…? any update at all?

@PeterMuusers work is underway, I will let you know when there is an update :slight_smile:

I’m very interested if this has been resolved.

Unfortunately, no. And frankly, I’ve given up hope. This issue is around for almost 2 years now.

I’m afraid to even ask @Tracy for any update. She’ll only tell me that it’s in beta, and work is on the way.

I bought a Dekunu last year for wingsuit flight analysis hoping to be able to export the data and upload to SkyDerby and not need a FlySight. I figured a year would be enough time to sort out this issue.

The graphing is visually neat, but inaccurate and not useful for analysis.

Hey guys, for full transparency on where we are at with this particular task currently, we are in the process of searching for a new developer whose role will be to identify any inaccuracies and refine and improve the algorithms accordingly. I would like to assure you that this task is at the top of the development roadmap, we are aware of inconsistencies some of you are encountering and are doing everything we can to resolve them. Our commitment to you remains the same, we will always strive to provide the best possible products and experience and welcome all feedback - we also appreciate your reminders, it keeps us on our toes :wink: Though we have a slight roadblock at the moment I am sure we will find the right developer for the job soon, if any devs are reading this and are interested in applying for the role we’d love to hear from you!

I will keep you updated as this progresses and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

@Bmac615 I am not familiar with SkyDerby but will check it out

Thanks Tracy. https://skyderby.ru/ is an online competition of sorts and analysis site that allows wingsuit pilots to compare performance data. I like the idea of being able to quickly and easily upload the data wirelessly with the Dekunu for quick analysis vs the FlySight’s more cumbersome process. It’s not a big deal as the FlySight is required for wingsuit competitions and provides all the necessary data. I was just hoping to eliminate the hassle of the FlySight if the Dekunu could do it.


Thanks for the info @Bmac615 I will do some investigating, if it is a matter of compatibility then I can add it to the feature suggestions for development for sure

Thank you for your update Tracy.

Until you hired said developer and improved the broken algorithms, may I suggest you refrain from promoting the Dekunu One with your ‘Juicy Data’ and ‘data analysis’ features? It bugs me that you still keep touting this part of the product without being able to actually deliver on it.


Any progress/updates on this Tracy?

You’ll be among the first to know when there is movement. We are currently experiencing an impact from the global supply chain shortages and a war being wrought in the country our manufacturing team are based in among other things. Rest assured this task is still among the list of priorities and you will be updated accordingly.