Issue with Balloon Jump

Did a balloon jump in December (Skydive Perris) and the slow ascent of the balloon made the device come out of airplane mode and then reenter at about 1000 ft, which re-zeroed the ground, so it read me being lower than I was. Fortunately, I used the One as my secondary alti.
Figured I’d just let y’all know. Meant to do it sooner, but my memory isn’t great.

Weird, did a balloon jump in perris in december too and it was good

Hmm, I have had that happen so many times on multi passes where the plane can descend about 500 feet and I go into freefall mode. However, as the plane ascends again it goes back to plane mode. However, have never had any alti “rezeroing”. Odd it does this as it is sattelite GPS and that would recalculate back to earth the plane distance and not affect alitutude readings. As well when I go into the Portal and look at my jump data it never knew I had entered and exited freefall or canopy mode while on the plane. So somehow it figured that as error and reflected post analytical data as a normal jump.

I didn’t think much of it at the time when I saw it go back to ground mode and back into airplane mode, but I noticed when I sync’d the data that it said the altitude for the jump was 4100 feet, when my analog alti read 5250, and when I checked my Atlas it confirmed that the jump was from about 5200 feet. The “rezero” was a hypothesis on my part, but since it was at around 1000 feet when I noticed it exit airplane mode and reenter ground mode and go back to airplane, I figured that’s most likely the case.

@welchsm I would love to get the logs from this jump to give to the developers if poss? Can you mark the log for review in your Cloud profile when you get a chance? It’s possible that this has already been fixed with new firmware but always good to feed back to the development team :slight_smile:

It’s been marked for review. Sorry for the delay!


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Awesome, thanks @welchsm