Is this system worth it? The good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

I’d like to hear from users. I’m asking from a prospective that the system seems a bit glitchy (Like a re Garmin 496 at time) . So before I purchase any more for my team or authorize any out of warranty repairs. Would you buy this item if you had it to do over again? Why; or why not? Please be unbiased and objective in your comments and input.

Like all things, it depends. I wouldn’t describe it as glitchy, but, it’s also not 100% perfect 100% of the time. Would I buy it again? Probably, but, only because I’m the type who likes to be on the leading edge of technology and enjoys data. If you just want a 100% reliable digital readout, the VISIO II is $100 less expensive and reliable. If you want a reliable digital readout, but, also want to play with GPS and don’t mind that it’s constantly being updated, improved and look forward to new features, then I’d say you’d be happy with the Dekunu.

It reminds me of being a Tesla owner and being part of the AutoPilot journey for the past eight years. I look forward to having a single device that can perform digital altimeter, Fly Sight GPS and audible glide path and audible warnings instead of a different device for each. Although, I’m going to keep my three separate devices for redundancy until I’m confident the Dekunu can be reliable for all three functions 100% of the time.

I totally agree with Bmac615. Dekunu is not perfect (now), but I like his current capabilities and even more so the future prospects. I would buy it again.

Really depends what your biggest wants/needs are from the device & system. If you share that, then easier to decide. I would assume that the system works a little differently than one would normally expect…so one wouldn’t know unless already using it, or can otherwise be specific n expectations.

For me, it’s not quite what I expected, but it has other bonus features, like near-instant gratification for examining flight paths, so I’d likely do it again.

I’m quite happy with mine, it works very well as altimeter and I like to have climb information although there are issues that I really find annoying but they are mostly related to the cloud platform. Namely often the uploaded jumps have issues/they are not displayed and the graphs don’t seem to be accurate. And for the device itself the battery is a minor annoyance because I have to recharge it every day and it discharges even when off. On the other hand they have a very good customer support and they make me feel like they listen to me, they want to help me and they are clear and transparent in their communications.
Would I buy it again? Probably yes.