INVALID DATE on portal

Hello, I am at Summerfest in Chicago and my first few jumps on Wednesday, 7/31 were recorded in the portal and viewable. The ones for Thursday, 8/1 and Friday, 8/2 are not showing in portal unless I do a filter by dropzone and show just Skydive Chicago in the list. There I see the jumps with “invalid date” and no viewable information that don’t show in the non-filtered list.


I don’t know the proper way to follow your thread, I too had this happen to me today for all 7 of my jumps. I don’t know if you noticed on your One but I have a never ending upload loop happening. Maybe this extra info will help.

The loop happened to me on upload and would go to 100% on upload and then show same number of jumps to be queued. On about the third time they went. However, showing as listed above.

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Just checked and all jumps as now showing and valid dates are listed. Must have been a transitioning error or they corrected bad dating.

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