Inactive equipment items


When you uncheck the “active” box when you edit an equipment item you obviously mark it as inactive.
Where are your inactive equipment items located?
How I can see them?

Thank you

Hmmm. That’s a nifty question. I tried this just now on a canopy test entry, and it seemingly went poof …as if I had deleted it.

Heheh I did this on the canopy that I just replaced with a new one and I think that I for sure want to be able to see my previous canopies and other stuff that I don’t use or even have now!
Let’s see if anyone knows the place they are know :face_with_monocle::slight_smile:

hmmmm let me look into this :joy: it is a very new feature and we have some big plans to add extra functionality for this, an inactive equipment list will be easy enough to implement :slight_smile: