Import jump data from Paralog /

Hi Community,

are there any developers out there that may want to look into importing the data from Paralog /

I am willing to support, if I can, but my coding experience is close to non-existent. I am not even sure, if there is an API on either side that would allow it.


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Can you export from there? If so to what format?

If you can export to any human readable format, from either, I’d be happy to give it a go, but no firm timeline, just in my spare time

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It is possible to export the data from Paralog into any desired format. You can create your own template, if you wish.

I always use the export template for the Skydiving logbook.
If you want I can send you an export of my log.

Do you provide cloud account for devs? That would be awesome.
I am sure Greg does not want to pollute his account with any test data.

@Bruce I have everything that you provided exported as .json files that should be Dekunu compatible, though there is a lot of missing information of course because of the different data logged. I also exported everything as a CSV.

Do you have an email address I could send a zip file to you with? I am waiting for my Dekunu to arrive back here from a warranty replacement so I can’t actually test if this would work at all until it arrives.


Some type of test account that could be used would be pretty cool. I am happy to see if I can get people’s data into the Dekunu Cloud. If Dekunu already has something in progress though, maybe I am not really contributing?

I also presume there is an API that could be used to Upload json or CSV to the cloud since the device syncs wirelessly


Any news on the test accounts?

Hey guys, I just replied to a similar post by @Bruce regarding API and integration plans.

Check it out here: API documentation

Hi all,
I have a CSV and a JSON file with my own jumps. How can I import them to the Dekunu Cloud?


Hey @MaverickPHX - this is not currently possible but is on the development roadmap so there are plans to allow for importing logs to be implemented in the near future