I started with the wrong first jump number

I introduced the wrong jump number at setup time. (12 instead of 13) In the cloud interface you can correct this and adapt the jump number, but it doesn’t sync back to my device
Can this be done or can I update my jump number of my first logged jump with my dekunu device

You update your jump number on the device itself. I believe if you go into jump configuration or one of the other menu settings the option will be there. I have done it a couple times when the battery has discharged overnight and it can’t be used for a morning jump

Yes, indeed, that I know, but I started with the wrong jump number (in this case 13, where it had to be 14)
I increased the next jump number to 15 and in the cloud I corrected my jump number from 13 to 14
But the executed jump stays at 13 on my device. So is there a way to correct the jump number of a registered jump on the device?

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Hey @Jokkespeed There is a way to edit the custom jump number for a saved log (in the device log book) but it is not as simple to do as it is in the Cloud. The logbook in the Cloud is intended to be the official logbook so there are a lot more options for editing things like this there.
To edit the jump number on the device you would have to manually edit the actual files on your device. Basically it can be done but it will be a pain. How many jumps have you clocked on the device?

Hi @Tracy,
Not many I’m a beginner :slight_smile: In total I have 4 jumps on my device