How Dekunu shows your correct jump no. in ground screen


I was wondering how Dekunu caculates your total jumps shown in the ground screen. So I was exploring and I have a neat work around.

  1. Create an Excel file which has all your previous jump (numbers only) in it. Replace the XXX with your Dekunu ID.
  2. Create a script which used the Excel file as an input and creates the .json files
  3. Enable USB Mode of the Dekunu
  4. Copy the files into the jumplogs\summaries folder, but do not overwrite any existing files

I have successfully jumped this configuration all Vectorfest and it worked great.

Here is the Excel and the PowerShell Script I used. Works on Windows. If you do not know how to execute the Script you should not mess with it.!AjEOvrbPUcQkkXNQjBZKtDEJqJ49

No warranties, all you do with your device is totally at your own risk.



Hi Bruce,

does the device sync those to the cloud? How are the log entries looking in the โ€œmy actionsโ€ section?

No these are not synced to the cloud as they have no uploadable information in them. Basically they are empty, they contain just a few text characters.
They are just there to manipulate the jump number shown on the device.

BR, Bruce