How about Games!

It was put out there once that games might be possible? With the simple touch screen and sweet little speaker I feel like you guys have a chance. Maybe a simple bounce game or tic tac toe. Any thoughts?


I think any game is a horrible idea. Keep you focus on the skydive. No different the texting and driving in my opinion. We all need to be focused on every skydive to keep ourselves and all others on the plane safe.

Wow that’s an even better idea to play games in free fall. Why didn’t I think of that? I was thinking they should start with a game for the ride to altitude but if it was fun enough you know we would play it free fall as well.
Actually they hinted to a game in development in some of the SALES stuff.


I definitely like the idea about games while in the loft or riding to alt. One of the reasons I bought the dekunu in the first place

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What’s up? Intrested in your opinion

@AlexNoble. Hello sir. I guess I deleted it. I meant to edit it lol. Yes I would love games on the ride up. I know a few people said it could be distracting but I think you could play a quick game up to altitude and still be mindful of the jump.


Games are definitely on the development roadmap, they will be implemented at some stage, there are some more important features we would like to work on first but rest assured… they are coming :wink: