Hop n pop still in plane mode

Yesterday I did a hop n pop from 5000 feet and had an unpleasant experience. I pulled after 1-2 seconds and had a very slow opening. When I was flying my parachute it was still in plane mode and just before landing at 500 feet it went into ground mode with the result of no altimeter in the landing process. Unfortunately this was the first time for a long time I didn’t wear a backup. Everything went ok, but I had a partial low turn as a result.

Yes, it´s maybe a software problem that should be solved, but if you’re so fixated on the altimeter, you better jumped with a backup at all time. Any electronic device could fail at any time! That’s why I have two audibles in my helmet!


I know. If this had happened on my regular DZ it would have been fine, but it happened on an innhopp where I’ve never been before… :joy:

Innhopp in their essence where meant to give you the skills to jump without any electronic devices (specially with diferente and unexpected hight diference). I’m not justifying that this “bug” is acceptable, but in any conditions 8and specially innhopp, you should be able to evaluate proper hight/speed at any time.
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