Hinton DZ please data for DZ list on my device

Hi @brent
I’m currently at Hinton DZ. Cold you use data from my device to help me set my current DZ… the lists are blank. I managed to set myself to London parachute school. The synced log on the cloud shows me at Hinton. My landing was on the novice PLA pretty close to the circle. There are other issues with the data displayed on the device but they can wait.

Hi @Robin
Apologies for the delayed response, your post came in during the night.
I will make sure Brent takes a look once he gets back to the lab after his meetings today.

Hi @Robin - i can add a landing area for you for the Hinton DZ. I think thats what you’re asking for. Can you please highlight the area on a map that you would like it added

@brent @Robin,
I’ve got a google map image of Hinton with the google gps coordinates for both the dz location and main landing area, I’ll get that up to you as soon as I get the chance, I’ll have to leave it up to @Robin to let you know where the experienced landing area is as I’ve not been briefed up on it as yet.

@brent I’ve posted the same info for skydive Sibson ( along with notes about it having 3 names in the cloud) and I have skydive Langar too. Would you like me to post / email them to you so you have them for record to update locations and landing areas?

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Love it @mutley - email them through and we’ll update ASAP :slight_smile:

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@brent awesome,
What email is best for sending them through to you?

Best email for these things is support@dekunu.tech

Awesome, cheers dude, I’ll get them over to you when I get the chance

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Thanks @brent and @mutley
I’ll happily mark the pla,s for Hinton and email the map to support.
@brent sorry mate… garbled message…
I cannot select Hinton as a DZ on my device… with no GPS fix my DZ list is random with London parachute school being the closest to Hinton that I can select the list seems to end at Parabelum…
Frustratingly yesterday my device recorded part of my drive as a jump… and seems to have duplicated something… this morning it’s showing I’ve jumped today… Only out of bed… there is only 1 real jump #2
What’s the upload failed type icon on the top of the display…