There are some links in your Help portal that are not correct, and slight edits are needed.

Here’s example:

There are three links here, clicking on each one redirects to Helpscout login page. To fix it, remove “?auth=true” from the end of the link.

Thanks @yumanskiy :smile:

@tracy, another issue is that is requesting a client certificate. Your server is probably misconfigured. In nginx config, set “ssl_verify_client off” instead of optional or on.

The “troubleshooting” link on the bottom of this page gives also a redirection to helpscout

Fixed, thanks for the heads up

What browser are you using @yumanskiy?

This happens on mobile devices primarily. Samsung browser and Chrome. Both request client certificates. My phone has two work-related certs installed, and I am always getting prompted for them. Denying it will immediately prompt for cert again. Repeatedly denying on Samsung browser does nothing but show the same prompt. Repeatedly denying on Chrome crashes it.