Hey!! Having a problem keeping WiFi locked in. Did a restart, checked FW update, will only stay on WiFi few seconds and then automatically turns off then will keep cycling like that… ideas?

I have the same problem since the last upgrade. Does it for both my home Wifi and my phone hotspot. Usually connects and drops about 5-6 times before it will finally stay locked. It didn’t do that prior to the upgrade.


@saltyr1 Same situation and it gets really annoying when I’m connecting to my drop zone WiFi.

Hey Ryan,
Did you say it eventually connects to WIFI?

@hazmat2469 Yes it eventually does connect, but it would drop in/out a couple of times before it finally connects. It’s basically the same situation I have with @saltyr1

Hey guys, a new FW that addresses wifi stability was released to the test jumpers today, hopefully we can get some jumps done on it quickly and then it can be rolled out.


Got the Fw. 6.3.24 from Tracy Stil has the same problem with the WiFi

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Hey Sascha!!
I’ve tried over and over to get my WiFi to lock on after hearing, “eventually it will lock.” It won’t. I’ve also been informed that a “fix” to a $450 device, will “probably have to wait” until NEXT YEAR…

We’re testing a new version of the ESP FW, which is separate from the main FW

@hazmat2469 You must have misunderstood my email, the wifi fix is being rolled out as soon as it is stable, this should hopefully be within the next week or so, not next year.
@Sascha Wifi dropping out is a known issue, thanks for reporting. We have new firmware being put through its paces as we speak, hopefully the solution will be ready for public consumption very soon :slight_smile:

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Mine will connect occasionally to my apple phone, and disconnect after checking it. It will stay connected all night at my home WI-Fi.


Same problem here.

If you go into diagnostics it will connect and start connected after a couple tries

Was there a solution to the WiFi issue?

We’re super close to having the public version of the latest FW ready, which has improved and more stable WiFi. It just needs a few more jumps to make sure it’s good to roll out