Having some issues on the first day

Having a odd problem with my device:

  • not syncing to cloud
  • not receiving weather info (no problem before jumping)
  • battery drains within 24h when turned off:
    Probably because the bumper is constantly pressing on the On/Off button
  • when leaving DZ in car device is stuck in aircraft mode, and needs to be reset through the reset pin hole.
  • Reflection of light makes it hard to read the screen at certain angles.

Hi @Shady!

Synching issue is known, but as far as I remember @Tracy mentioned to open an email conversation to the tech team in these cases, to have a proper communication line.

Weather info: True, I am experiencing the same issue, did not have that before. Even by changing the DZ (forcing the Dekunu to update weather information) it does not fix it. I have the same screen as you have.

Battery: We all wait for an update to fix it. Should be close to come.

Plane mode in the car happened to a couple of us already. Known issue. Workaround: Switch it off in the car, drive slower, … :laughing: