Haven't seen this screen before

trying to charge after a long shutdown and I get this screen. Haven’t seen it before. Is it charging or is there an issue here?15903316477576961889162906671179|225x500

How long have you had it on charge?
it may be there is not enough power in the cell at the moment to power to boot up.
if you leave it a couple of hours it should be fine, Ive had this before after a long time between jumps.

Hasn’t been charging long. Ill try that, thanks!

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with the battery being a lipo, they charge slowly to prevent damage to the battery cell.
I may be wrong, and Im sure @Tracy or @brent would be able to correct me if im wrong, but if the battery is at such a low level, the system will prevent start up as to save the battery being damaged if it becomes too low.

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also have you plugged into a PC / Laptop or a mains wall socket?

It was plugged into a wall socket

cool, you’ll have a higher charge speed with that, If it is still taking a long time, try another USB lead too,

That must be what it was! I’m back to the regular screen. Thank you!