Hangs on the logo and time. Not able to read SD-card after reset

This has been a reoccurring problem the past week or so. I’m able to do one jump with the device, and then it either freeze in the logo + clock mode with zero response on the display. The only way to get out of it is to reset it. After reset it’s not able to read the SD Card, nor is able to connect to wifi. It states that the wifi is either not activated or busy.

Several resets to USB mode and then back sometimes fixes the problem, but I must admit that this getting rather annoying.

Another thing, the GPS has been very bad after the update too.

@Shady I will send you an email regarding this

One of my buddies received his Dekunu and has very same problem. He is completely non-technical. Can you email me about it as well? This way I can relay it to him in better terms.

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