Hand mount conversion

So I just purchased another wirstmount and am going to cut a slit in it to allow my thumb through it so I can wear this on my hand. My usual jumpsuit covers my wrist and makes it almost too big for the current wristband and my jumsuit has velcro on the wristband which has worn out the inside material of the dekunu mount from taking it on and off. I will let you all know how this works but in the futture it would be nice to see a hand mount for this.
Has anyone tried this? Or ideals of a better way to do this?

Also my power button has come off… its gone. I can use a paper clip to turn on and off. So all is well.

Thanks John

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Hey! I have same problem when switching between wing suiting and FF and Camera and AFF… a option to switch to a wrist mount would cater for all these types of jumps…

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So I purchased another mount and had my mother-in-law cut a hole and then sewed it to prevent the hole getting bigger and dethreading. Think this will work till a hand mount comes out.

What do you think?

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If somebody wants to have it in that position, then it looks good.
By the way: Was your mother in law the person who bought the bedclothes? :smiley:


Hey guys! Haha love the homemade job, so creative :wink: developing different mounts is on the to do list, finishing up our wingsuit/mudflap mount soon then onto the next type.