HALO jumps? Any issues displaying true altitude?

So, here’s a question. What’s the max altitude Dekunu One can display/measure? Let’s say I am planning to do 25k HALO jump, will Dekunu One show upper altitude accurately? Or is it going to be wonky until it’s down to “normal” altitudes?

Hi @yumanskiy, HALO jumps have not been adequately tested with the Dekunu One yet so we can’t say for sure. However, as we can calculate altitude from multiple barometers and GPS/GLONASS so i’m certain we will be able to get an accurate altitude… but again, we have not yet adequately tested this and I would advise not to rely on it at high altitudes until we have done so

@brent, I am hoping to do one in July, so if you’d like, I can send you info from FlySight, and whatever Dekunu logs, if you’d like to cross-reference them. I am also going to wear two altis, so I can also let you know if I see any weird behavior.

Please send an email to testing@dekunu.tech a week or so before your HALO jump and we can discuss the possibility of official testing

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