Ground speed saved to the cloud portal

I had an interesting jump the other day. Basically the separation of groups came into question because some more experienced jumpers flew up jump run.

And side from the fact that only about half of that jump got logged to the cloud, 9k-10k ft missing, we gave them at least 12 sec. But it would’ve been great to be able to see what the ground speed was when we exited the plane. Granted that data would have been missing on this particular jump but still


Thanks @Joe - this is actually in the Cloud in the action details section…scroll down to the section called “Plane” and it’s under “Exit Speed” :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you, I see this now. But it does look inconsistent on different jumps. On some, I see what I would expect, around 95 mph, but on others it seems way off. I’ve seen over 200mph and as low as 3mph.

Are there known bugs with this?

Hi @Joe yes for sure - the Dekunu Cloud is still in its beta form and has a lot of room for improvement. Work is currently being done on the algorithms your data is processed through once synced to the Cloud. Once these have been refined you will begin to notice a difference in your statistics :slight_smile: but keep reporting things as it helps us keep improving the platform!