Green screen

Got a green screen after landing :unamused:

After a restart everything worked again, but that’s annoying

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Hey @Sascha when you are done jumping and still connected to wifi, go to diagnostics in the device menu, then tap syslogs and upload them to our server. Let me know when you have done so and I will get this looked into.
If it happens again send an email to :slight_smile:

Done. Thanks in advance

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@Sascha Thank you, I have sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hey Tracy, it happend again, after landing I got a green screen again. After power off and switch on the device everything was fine again. Between both green screens there was like 50 jumps and I use the new Fw.

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Hey @Sascha
Thanks for reporting! I will shoot you an email and have this investigated further. Could you send through your system logs again please?