Green screen, power button stopped work

Ran into an issue today. Hop and pop. Altimeter worked through out the jump. When I landed, the screen was green and non responsive. I cycled the power button. When it came back up, the logbook was correct, but the main screen says jump 0. The power switch will also not turn it off. It will also not connect to wifi. The power button is recognized to put the unit in USB mode. Any thoughts?

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So you can boot it into USB mode?

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It would boot into USB and back out into the same issue. I took it and a spare altimeter on the next jump. It showed all the correct data on the diag screen, but would stay stuck in ground mode. Here’s where it gets weird. I left it on to let the battery die. About 3 hours later, when the battery dropped below 20%, it started functioning normally again. The jump number popped back up in the lower corner and the power button started working.

That is an interesting quirk alright…

Indeed. I’m going to jump it next weekend and see if it works.

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@SpastikMonkey If you have time to shoot those system logs through that would be awesome

I’ll get them over this weekend when I’m back in town for sure.

Sent then over just now

I submitted both via email and via the unit itself

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Thanks heaps @SpastikMonkey