GPS plot vs Alti and Speed Data

Something not right here…?

Look at my altitude and speed vs the GPS track…?

Action here @Tracy

I’ve also notice my “distance from LZ” is proper wonk…

One jump from Wednesday and then the first jump Thursday show as 93m away, then the actual jump where I was bang on the edge of the landing circle…93m away :smiley: ?

Distance to LA looks accurate to me, the target is the coordinates that were entered into the Cloud, maybe they need to be changed? I will ask the devs to look into it anyway incase there is an issue I can’t see.
Regarding the rest of your post, I know we have discussed this via email but for transparency to everyone else - The graphs and maps are currently in beta, we are aware of the processing discrepancies and know what is causing them, we are dedicating our development team to resolving them in the current sprint. Thanks to the collection of so much data and user feedback I am confident that you will notice a positive difference by the end of this month.


Thanks for the response Tracey, apologies I forgot about all the mapping being in beta!

The distance to LA still seems weird to me, my assumption is the white dot represents the LA co-ords and that mown circle is about 45m across :slight_smile: ?

@roundyuk can you mark one or two for review so I can take a look please? The action you have tagged in this thread is showing as 48ft which converts to about 14-15m from the target which looks accurate on the map to me

Hey Tracey, actually yeah you’re right; the cloud is showing right, however…

My device shows 93m “Dist to LZ” for that jump…?

Jump before shows 256ft yet 9m “Dist to LZ” on the device…? :smiley:

Have tagged both for review…

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If it helps, for me, the horizontal speed and the altitude match up fine. When you see what to look for, you can see your flare at the proper height, then descend to the ground.

That pair just falls shy of the coordinates…boggles me but it does. Never figured out what the vertical speed is doing. Seems off to me.

@charles it is thrown off during data processing, the actual raw data will be correct. We have allocated all available resources to refining the data processing algorithms, i’m hoping to see major improvements in the next sprint or two :crossed_fingers:

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Any update on this Tracy?

Hey @Tracy is there any update on this yet, nearly 4 months and the data plots are just useless…

My jump yesterday shows me starting my final at 0ft…LOL

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@roundyuk We are in the process of searching for a new developer to work on this, it is not so easy finding a suitable dev with relevant experience in the technologies we use but fingers crossed we will have the role filled soon, thanks for posting.
@PeterMuusers I posted in your other thread regarding this FYI :slight_smile: