GPS never stays connected in plane

I’m sure its been said before. I haven’t been in a plane where the GPS stays connected. Usually I keep my arm in the window so it can keep the connection although, this is not always possible. This makes the device tracking kinda useless. Is there a way to fix this?

Hey @jumpstick - there can be interference to GPS depending on the type of plane you are in and where you sit, behind the pilot or under a wing for example can cause obstructions. Your device should pick up GPS very quickly when there is an unobstructed view (plane changes direction or during climbout etc.) - the Cloud data processing algorithms factor in any GPS disruptions and will smart calculate tracking in these instances. We do have some more GPS features planned for the future that will help with this too… watch this space :slight_smile:

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It’s not just the dekunu either. I generally have issues with the flysight in the same spots that the dekunu has issues. If the flysight picks up gps then dekunu usually follows or vice versa. Generally the front of the plane or back of the plane are best. The wing area has the most interference and where I have the most problems with the two gps devices.


Tracking in the plane typically is hard for these devices, but as soon as you’re by the door or ramp it picks up instantly. Not typically worried about my flight, may lose exit point and run-in, but not freefall our canopy.

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