GPS in Deland

Nothing I do gets my GPS connected, I have restarted and gone through the diagnostics gps

I’d like to go ahead and close this Issue and Bug thread. After the amazing customer service provided by Sonic at the Ranch Pro Shop this is no longer an issue.

Dekunu, great job for picking The Ranch Pro Shop as a U.S. distributer. Sonic kept me informed and provided me with quick solutions to the issue I was facing. He cared that the experice I was having was not 100%, he went way above and beyond what I had ever expected.

Sonic, you Rock!!!

Dekunu, you Rock!!!

I hope you take care of Sonic the way he takes care of his customers

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Hey @Icitnuris

Fabulous, thanks so much for the feedback, we have to agree, Sonic is an all round legend and has been a pleasure to work with :raised_hands:

Can you provide some feedback as to what it was, I’m a new dekunu user and I’m experiencing a similar issue with bad GPS connection in Skydive Sebastian.

This was 2 years ago and I can’t recall what the solution was but if you are only having issues with GPS at one DZ and it is fine at other locations there must be some sort of obstruction. We can definitely investigate for you, shoot an email to of you haven’t already done so and we can grab some logs and try to figure out what the cause is :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Reply, I will try out the new Firmware and if I still have issues I will reach back. Thank you.

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