General Suggestions

I am loving my new alti. So far everything is working great except for the fact that it never fully charges - i left it plugged in for two days and still never got the blue light, just the green flashing one.

Couple suggestions

1.) A more durable hard case - possibly with a screen protector - the touch screen is very fragile and can break very easy. The rubber case that comes with the wrist mount does not offer much protection and rips very easy

2.) A normal mount that you can wear on your hand - i personally have never been a fan of the elastic wrist mounts and after 26 jumps with my new Dekunu i still would prefer a hardcase top of the hand mount

3.) The live speed under canopy is one of my favorite things, but after i land and review my jump, there is no where to see average and top speed. Adding this to the jump review would be awesome. Hard to focus on your wrist when you’re trying to swoop

4,) The safety reminders are very annoying to me - i think that its a great idea and should be available, but for me it’s just kind of annoying and i wish there was a way to turn it off


I’d also like to able to have the option on reminders.

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Hey guys, thanks heaps for your feedback :ok_hand: Some of these have been requested before and added to our feature suggestion list, I will add the others. You can see the thread in the link that Joe posted above :point_up: