Games during the ride to alti

When I bought the alti when it first came out, the ad said we would have games on the plane ride up. When are those being released and what games can we expect? Snake? Tetris? Land on the dz, where you have to land the skydiver safely.

There’s already a great numerical game on there, it starts at about 300ft and then when the number stops increasing you jump out of the plane


Haha there is still a fifty-fifty shot that it plays the movie frozen until the battery dies and you have to skydive without a visual altimeter.

Maybe 2 years ago when they came out, but i’ve had great experiences in my 1500 jumps with it

I’m glad you like them, would you like to buy mine? Haha i cant seem to get mine to do much of anything even after updating which had to be done manually. It still freezes and crashes just navigating through menus.

If that’s the case after an update, then i’d wager a bet to say that perhaps there’s some internal issue with yours