FW Update 4.4.5 red screen lockup

So I missed 4.4.2 and went straight to 4.4.5. The update went relatively well, the jump counter reset to zero and the upload status icon changed to indicate that it wanted to upload all 320ish jumps again. I plug it in and set it down so it can do its thing uploading about one log every 30-45 seconds and I leave for work. Upon coming back I find it has a completely red screen and does not respond to any screen input or holding the power button. I reset the unit, it starts up and begins uploading from where it left off with about 270 or so remaining. The same cycle repeats: upload a few, red screen, reset, boot, upload a few more. During one of these cycle I got an SD card error so I restart it in USB mode, plug it into my PC and scan the SD card for errors. Some errors were found, all were repaired so we’re doing pretty well. I eject the device, it reboots, makes it to the home screen and then as soon as it finishes initializing everything (about when the battery icon goes from “!” to some percentage of charge) it goes back to the totally red screen. Reset several times since and the red screen error is consistently the same. I can navigate menus briefly up until that though.

Also note that I’m resetting the unit by pressing somewhat firmly on the case over the reset button hole using no tool.

So I just put the 4.4.5 FW update in the root directory to attempt to run the update again but it boots normally, presumably because it sees that it’s not a new version. Is there a way to force it to install the update without downgrading and then upgrading again?

Edit: I reset the device, it detected and installed the 4.4.5 update this time, rebooted and the red screen still occurs.

I had the same issue but after doing reset with paper clip and power button it went away.

Hey guys, the red screen is a bug relating to your drop zone list. To fix it, reset the device then go to ‘switch user’ and log back in to the device using your Cloud user ID & password or auth code. This will prevent a reoccurrence :ok_hand:

Switch User produces a “Network is not ready” error followed shortly by a red screen. The screen always goes red about 9 seconds after the home screen appears no matter what I’m trying to do or if I do nothing at all.

Had also the red screen. Did the reset and switch users: worked fine.

My jumpnumber stayed ok on the home page, but got a red balloon with 199logs for uploading (before the update, everything was synced). The device was busy with 10 minutes uploading and got stuck in a white locked screen this time - needed a reset again and after 30minutes again a white locked screen!

I hope this is no new pattern…