Full Battery to Low Battery in a view hours

dear dekunu team,
I charged my Device on sunday morning, double checked it 100% (device was off) went to the dropzone on the same day turn it on and battery was about 60%.

this was the secont tine this happend, first time it was even worse because it went to 0% same time line.
Device was bought 2 month ago.

HW: v11.3
Boot Loader v4.4.1

I had this same issue after the previous firmware update. Before that, I could leave it off for a week and it would be 99% when I turned it back on after that week. After the previous firmware update, it would drop to 70% - 50% after a few days to a week. This last update seems to have remedied it for me, so you might try the update and see if it helps.

Hi @Thomas this seems excessive, if you haven’t already done so please power on your device, connect to wifi then go to Diagnostics > Syslogs and tap Upload (tap the button once and then leave the device to do it’s thing, don’t be tempted to keep tapping, the logs will upload it just takes a little time to pack up the files to send). Once this is done, shoot an email to support@dekunu.tech and we will look into this for you.
It is normal to have some depletion when powered off but not 40% within a day.
Once the devs have inspected the logs we will have a better idea of what is going on and can create a solution for you