Full Battery to Low Battery back and forth

I had an issue today where my Dekunu was at 100% last night when I checked it… it went to 80% this morning after I turned it on, and then dropped to low battery level and back up to 80% within a few seconds. It was at or over 60% when I loaded the plane on a sunset jump, but as soon as it started reading altitude it died in the plane. I got it to turn back on at 4000 ft but obviously, I was off by 2500 feet for the rest of the dive. I am glad I had an audible. It lasted long enough to get through freefall, but died as soon as I was under canopy. My firmware is up to date FW: v6.4.10, ESP32FW: v5.1.4, BTLDR: v4.3.0, ResPack: v1.1.2

I uploaded my system logs as well

These pictures are in order… it went from 89 to 56 to 88 to 87 all in less than a minute… I’ve watched it since then and see it go into the 70’s and 50’s and 80’s and 60’s all in less than 5 min… I need a solution…

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@cj.weber I believe this may be a firmware issue but I will send you an email so we can collect some logs and troubleshoot

I’m having a similar issue. My fully charged altimeter will drop from 100% to 80% in a matter of minutes.

It dropped from 100% to ~60% overnight.

It was not being used during these times. Just got the device, jumped once. Firmware is up to date.

I was having battery drain issues when I had it turned on and plugged it in to charge, turned it off and then just unplugged. Now I turn it off, plug it in, let it charge, unplug, turn on, turn off.

Not something you should have to do, but, is a work around until they get it fixed.

@rusty I will send you both an email, there is a workaround that we can do to fix the problem
@Bmac615 I am not sure if your issue is the same but will email you so we can troubleshoot and find a solution

Tested this on mine over the last 4 days, 88% to 85% in four days; happy with that! :smiley:

That IMHO is standard drain levels for a battery left not being used.


I’m having similar battery issues. Can you send me the email with the possible workaround?

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