Freefall activated too early because of hop'n pop exits before climbing to 4000 Meter

Hi there,

interesting observation during my first jump today. At around 1600 meter 4 guys exited for a hop’n pop, afterwards the plane climbed to 4100 Meter for us other to jump. However when the low ones jumped, the ONE went into freefall mode. You can see the GPS logging of my “freefall” and it looks like I made awing suit jump, into the wrong direction … :slight_smile:

The other two jumps went fine (no hop’n pop in between take off and jump).

That’s interesting, maybe a protacall that would revert back to plane mode when climb is detected?

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I’ve seen the exact behavior with my device on almost all my jumps. When the plane levels of, for the hop&pop jumpers, and descents during that jumprun the device goes in jump-mode and stays in jump-mode for the duration of the flight to my exit-altitude.

I think the device detects the descent of the plane during jumprun (for the hop&pop) and assumes that I’ve jumped out. Maybe the criteria for detecting an exit are a bit to tight?

no, I think it is okay, but the device should recognize that you are climbing again and then should switch back to plane mode from my point of view.

That’s also fine, but it shouldn’t log it as a jump as it is doing that now.

Yes, thats right. It should recognize it and log it properly.